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thank you thank you!

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Last Beverage: water
Last phone call: uma
Last text message: sy
Last song you listened to: chocolate by galileo galilei 
Last time you cried: uh i guess when i watch hxh ep 135 and that was months ago omg what

Dated someone twice: yes
Been cheated on: no
Kissed someone and regretted it: no
Lost someone special: yes
Been depressed: sad yes depressed no
Been drunk and threw up: nah

LIST THREE FAVORITE COLORS: black turquoise red

Last year (2013), have you: 
Made a new friend: yes
Fallen out of love: no
Laughed until you cried: yup
Met someone who changed you: nope
Found out who your true friends are: nah 
Found out someone was talking about you: yes 
Kissed anyone on your FB friends list: no

How many people on your FB friends list do you know in real life: not sure can’t be bothered to care
First surgery: yeah i fractured my leg
First piercing: ears
First best friend: dont wanna think about her
First sport you joined: does it look like i like moving around
First vacation: idk
First pair of trainers: adidas

Eating: mcdonalds
Drinking: coke
I’m about to: reply messages
Listening to: natural corruption by epica
Waiting for: nothing

Want kids: NO
Get married: idk
Career: forensic criminologist 

Lips or eyes: lips
Hugs or Kisses: kisses 
Shorter or Taller: no preference
Older or younger: ossan
Romantic or Spontaneous: no preference
Nice stomach or nice arms: none because i would get jealous 
Sensitive or Loud: sensitive
Hook-up or relationship: ugh i don’t do hookups but i don’t like to be in a relationship either
Trouble maker or hesitant: NONE

Kissed a stranger: no
Drank hard liquor: yes and ew
Lost glasses/contacts: yes
Sex on first date: no 
Broke someones heart: yes
Been Arrested: almost
Turned someone down: yes
Cried when someone died: yes
Fallen for a friend: yes

Yourself: ya duh
Miracles: nah 
Love at first sight: no
Heaven: no
Santa claus: mo
Kiss on the first date: sure
Angels: no

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続編 ー 五十嵐 恒太

just played the prologue and i’m not sure how i feel about this game but i would probably give it a try


Upcoming Voltage game - 「天下統一恋の乱」

"During the Warring States period (the Sengoku period)…"

"The strongest man - Oda Nobunaga"

"There was nothing to be fear…until I meet her…"

"May this precious time last forever…"

"However, I am Oda Nobunaga."

"It was my happiness, just being able to stay with you."

"Wait for me…until I embrace you with these hands."


Happy late birthday I guess? <3

thank you!!!

番外編 ー アイドルに翻弄される1日

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